Usage Instructions

How to use our creams and sprays for best effect.

All GlycoProtein products are made in an Australian GMP ISO22716 certified laboratory and tested to be 100% bioidentical to Glycoprotein naturally produced in the body.

How to get the most benefit from the use of our products

Please take the time to carefully read through the usage instructions before starting to use our products. It is important to make sure you are using them correctly in order to experience the best results. If you have any questions we are more than happy to help.

Cream instructions

Cream application amount & frequency

Very gently push in the lid of the jar to dispense a tiny amount of cream (about the size of a small pea). Wipe cream from lid with 1 or 2 fingers and gently rub into an area of skin as per the lymphatic system diagram below.

Use 1 application twice a day (morning and evening). For minor conditions and preventative/maintenance purposes, you only need to use 1 application once a day in the evening. Continue daily for at the very least 2-3 months to allow sufficient time to re-balance the immune system – or – until your desired result is achieved. To help maintain general immune health you may continue usage indefinitely.

Where to apply the cream?

Apply the cream to skin around lymph node regions closest to the region of concern (the green regions in the diagram). If your issue is non-topical, or you are using for general immune boosting or preventative purposes, you may apply the cream to the lower left or right part of your neck. The cream is transdermal and designed to absorb through the skin into the lymphatic system.

For specific skin issues you may also apply the cream directly to the affected areas, so long as there is open no wounds or lesions. This can be done by alternating applying it topically in the morning and then to the nearest lymph node region in the evening. For cosmetic purposes you may also rub the cream across the face and decolletage.

Click image to view larger diagram

Sublingual spray instructions

Application amount & frequency

One application is equal to one spray which is dispensed by pushing the bottle lid in.

Use 1 application (1 spray) under the tongue twice a day (morning and evening). For general preventative and immune boosting purposes, one spray per day will suffice. Please continue daily use for at least 2-3 months or until desired results are achieved. For general immune health purposes you may continue use indefinitely.

Sublingual administration

The spray is best administered sublingual. It is designed to absorb through the thin layer of tongue tissue into capillaries and cycled throughout the broader blood/circulatory system. You may also nebulize the spray liquid, however sublingual is a more effective delivery solution for most issues. To do this:

  • Do not eat or drink for at least 15 minutes
  • Wash hands with soap and sit in an upright position
  • Try to swallow remove any saliva from the mouth
  • Spray once under the tongue towards the back
  • Tilt your head slightly forward to avoid swallowing
  • Hold the liquid under tongue for 1-2 minutes
  • Avoid drinking or eating for at least another 15 minutes

Instructions for using a cream & spray at the same time

It is perfectly fine to use our creams and sprays together for a dual-delivery approach. Doing so helps the glycoproteins reach and activate a wider range of macrophages responsible for regulating different parts of the body. There are many advantages for doing this.

Simply follow the instructions for each product and incorporate use together daily, for example 1 spray and 1 cream application in the morning and then repeat this in the evening.

Overall treatment length for using any product(s)

For most issues we recommend at the very least 3 months continued daily use. This allows time for the immune system to adjust and override any cyclical impacts such as those from the effect of nagalase to see results. For more aggressive conditions you may need to continue treatment for much longer until the desired result is achieved.

If you are using our products for general maintenance, immune boosting or preventative purposes, you may wish to continue use indefinitely. There is no harm in using our products ongoing. Many of our customers use our products as part of their daily wellbeing and/or beauty routine.