GlycoPlus® FAQs

Frequently asked questions about our products, usage and more.

All GlycoProtein products are made in an Australian GMP ISO22716 certified laboratory and tested to be 100% bioidentical to Glycoprotein naturally produced in the body.

Frequently asked questions

Below are the most frequent questions asked by our customers. If your question is not answered here, please contact us here and a customer service representative will assist.

The active ingredient in all GlycoPlus® products is a special protein derived from glycoprotein. This is produced in an Australian laboratory and mimics the same protein found in healthy humans which is responsible for helping immune defense and health.

Our formula contains a derivative of glycoprotein designed to endogenously activate macrophages. These are special immune cells whose main role is to engulf cellular threats as part of immune defense. The proteins in our formula can help activate these into a homeostatic state which increases their operational capacity. Doing so helps boost immune response against issues it is responsible for regulating as well as maintaining overall immune health.

Immunotherapy is the term for therapies and treatment methods designed to heighten or suppress the immune system’s natural response against cellular threats. Unlike other treatments, immunotherapy works with your body’s natural processes rather than overriding them (e.g. chemo).

Yes, of course. All GlycoPlus® products are manufactured in an Australian laboratory and undergo extensive testing to be safe, active and free from contaminants. The active ingredient in our formula is naturally produced in healthy humans, therefore it is perfectly safe to supplement in higher levels to aggressively stimulate a natural immune response.

Yes, our products are complimentary to other conventional and alternative therapies. It is fine to use them alongside approaches such chemo, medications, immune stimulants, natural therapies etc. EXCEPT immunosuppresant medications (drugs designed to suppress the immune system) and most opioid-based pain medications. Although safe, these inhibit the effects of GlycoPlus® so it is not effective.

The only reported side effects (in rare circumstances) from using our products are detox-related symptoms. These may include a runny nose, nausea, fatigue, drowsiness and general aches – much like you would from a cold or flu. This is just the body’s response to a heightened immune system activating elimination systems and usually only last a few days. If this happens you may wish to discontinue use of our products for a few days until they subside and then continue use once again, although this is not necessary.

Because the active protein in our formula is produced naturally in the body, there is no risk of harm if you take too much. However in saying this, higher dosages may bring about detox-related symptoms when first used. It is always best to choose the highest strength product within your budget for most issues and using as directed. There is no risk of overdose or complications from doing this.

Yes, sometimes our customers will use our products on their dogs, cats or other animals to assist immune-related conditions or boost general health. All vertebrate animals produce the same active protein in our formula naturally, so it has the same effect from supplementation. In saying this, our creams do contain other additional ingredients which your animal may be allergic to, so often pet owners will use our sublingual spray which does not contain anything else except the active protein suspended in saline.

Yes, our products are safe and effective for children and babies of all ages. Please follow the recommended usage instructions and if you are purchasing a cream, just make sure your child is not allergic to any of the additional ingredients in it.

Our creams do contain a tiny amount of some nut oils. If you are hypersensitive to nuts, we instead recommend using our sublingual spray which does not contain any traces of nuts. Although there are only tiny amounts of nut products in each cream application, and it is only applied to the skin, those who have serious nut allergies are best steering clear of our creams.

No, unlike other companies who offer their similar products in these formats, we only sell GlycoPlus® in cream or spray options. These are a more effective and convenient way to administer.

For most issues we recommend using AT LEAST 2-3 months to allow ample time for the immune system to adjust and start making changes. This is just a minimum, and often especially for more serious complications, more time is needed. 2-3 months is generally enough for minor issues, however more aggressive complications usually need longer. You may also use our lower strength products ongoing long term for cosmetic, preventative and general immune boosting purposes.

Yes, this is a very effective way to reach more parts of the immune system, especially if your issue is not topical. For this reason we offer a range of different strength combo packs containing both a cream and spray in our shop. To best use our sprays and creams together please consult our instructions page.

We have a range of different strengths and product formats to suit different needs. For a detailed breakdown on which product best suits your needs please consult our selection assistance page.

Please store our creams and sprays in a cool dry place, and once opened keep them in the fridge between use. Unopened they will withstand high temperatures for extended periods but once opened the formula becomes more sensitive. At all times please store products away from children and pets to avoid misuse.

You can, however it is more effective (even for circulatory system issues) to simply take it sublingual under the tongue.

Please consult our instructions page for a diagram and detailed instructions for applying our creams. Generally speaking however, they should be applied to lymph nodes nearest to your region of concern, or to the lymph nodes in the lower neck for non-topical issues.

Apart from any prescribed medications, diet or health advice you have been instructed to do, the biggest thing to assist the efficacy of our products is to make sure your vitamin D levels are at the uppermost recommended levels (5,000iu usually). This will assist the function of the activated glycoprotein. Of course a healthy diet, physical activity and drinking lots of water are all integral to good health and should be practiced accordingly..

For most cases, in the morning and then the evening before you sleep, are the best times to apply our creams and sprays. It is best to space them apart evenly to ensure continual supplementation. If you are using both a cream and spray, apply each at the same time each day. The immune system is more active while you sleep, so if you are only using once a day for general immune boosting purposes, please apply before you sleep rather than in the morning.

Unlike other similar products which have been made from human serum in the past, our glycoprotein-derived active ingredient is made from raw bovine colostrum.

Both of these contain exactly the same active glycoprotein, only the additional ingredients added to this are different. As the name suggests, our natural range of creams (the ones with purple jar labels) are made solely from natural ingredients. Our original range of creams (other colored labels) do contain some synthetic ingredients, although there are much more of them, particularly for cosmetic/skincare purposes.

Every person, condition, and other secondary factors are very different. As such there is no set timeline when one can expect to see results, nor are we in a position to guarantee results legally. The main thing we recommend is to use our products for AT LEAST 2-3 months to allow ample time for the immune system to adjust to gauge if the approach is helping.

Our products are made and sent solely from Australia. Our team is mostly based in Australia, however we have some international team members helping with various aspects of the business.