Selection Assistance

How to choose the best product(s) from our range to suit your specific needs.

All GlycoProtein products are made in an Australian GMP ISO22716 certified laboratory and tested to be 100% bioidentical to Glycoprotein naturally produced in the body.

Need help selecting which GlycoPlus® product to choose?

As every person and the issues they are experiencing are different, it is important to choose the right product/s for best effect. The information on this page serves as a guide to help decide which products to choose. For more personalized suggestions please contact our team below or using the live chat button at the bottom right corner of this screen.

Step 1. Choose product format

Depending on the location of your issue, it is important to consider whether to choose between our transdermal creams or sublingual sprays – or – both. Doing so will ensure the active glycoprotein is able to best reach the macrophages responsible for regulating the localized area of the issue. For this:

Transdermal creams

Absorbed through the skin into the lymphatic system useful for skin, subcutaneous, gut & any other topical conditions.

Sublingual sprays

Taken sublingual to enter the bloodstream, useful for blood, circulatory, infections, neurological & non-topical conditions.

Cream + spray packs

A duel-approach that delivers more GcMAF to more areas, useful for more complex and aggressive issues affecting multiple parts of the body.

Step 2. Choose strength

The ‘strength’ refers to how much activated glycoprotein is contained in each product. This is measured in nanograms (Ng) and is included each product’s title. For example, our 1,500ng original cream contains a total of 1,500ng active glycoprotein per jar. The higher the strength the more aggressive stimulation of immune response will occur. For this reason if you are experiencing a more advanced issue, you will generally want to go with our higher strength options and vice versa.

Low strength products

These options below are more suited to general immune system maintenance, boosting and preventative purposes, as well as cosmetic application. They may also be an option for very young children before moving on to a higher strength solution after the first course. The 1,500ng cream in this range has a nut-free option, so if you are severely allergic to nuts (our creams do contain some nut oils) you may wish to choose this option.

GlycoPlus 1,500ng original cream

GlycoPlus 1,500ng original cream

GlycoPlus® 1,500ng natural cream

GlycoPlus® 1,500ng natural cream

Medium strength products

These options are more suitable for the treatment of minor immune-affected issues and for more advanced general immune system maintenance and preventative purposes. The combo pack in this range may also be used for more advanced issues as the medium strength cream coupled with the stronger spray provides a more intensive approach when used together.

Medium Strength Cream + Spray Pack

8,000ng Glycoprotein Original Cream

GlycoPlus® 8,000ng natural cream

GlycoPlus® 8,000ng natural cream

High strength products

These options are more suitable for the treatment of mild to moderate immune-affected issues. For very aggressive issues it may be best to use the extra high strength products, however the pack in this range can still provide a suitably aggressive approach.

High Strength Cream + Spray Pack

High Strength Cream + Spray Pack

20,000ng Glycoprotein Sublingual Spray

20,000ng Glycoprotein Sublingual Spray

50,000ng Glycoprotein Sublingual Spray

15,000ng Glycoprotein Original Cream

15,000ng Glycoprotein Original Cream

Extra high strength products

These options include our Super Strength cream, which contains the highest of activated glycoprotein not just in our range, but of any similar available on the market. For this reason they are suitable for the treatment of advanced and aggressive immune-affected conditions. This may be necessary especially if the immune system is compromised and the cyclical effect of nagalase production needs to be overridden.

Extra High Strength Cream + Spray Pack

15,000mg Glycoprotein Original Cream

Natural vs. Original cream ranges

In response to some of our customers asking for an all-natural variant of our original cream formula, we came up with our Natural Range (purple colored labels).

These creams are only available in the lower 1,500ng and 8,000ng strengths, however the additional ingredients added to the activated glycoprotein in them are completely natural. Our Original Range creams contain a small amount of synthetic ingredients to enhance transdermal absorption and support overall wellbeing.

All creams feature the same glycoprotein active ingredient, it is just the other ingredients added which differ between the Natural and Original ranges. If you prefer to only use natural ingredients and do not require the higher levels of activated glycoprotein, you may wish to look at our Natural Cream range. Our sublingual sprays are also completely natural as the only added ingredient is saline.

Summary and more information

Generally speaking, for most issues you will want to go with the highest strength of the most suitable product format within your budget. For more aggressive and serious issues the highest strength products which contain more active formula provide a more intensive approach often needed to override the immune system. For preventative and general immune boosting purposes, our lower strength creams or spray will suffice. Please contact us for more information or if you require personal assistance.